Technologies Opportunities Demonstrators Research

IRENA’s work is phased in 3 steps corresponding to 3 main Work Packages subdivided in tasks as follows:
 Step 1“WP1 - Demonstration needs” aims at:
§  Mapping the common needs for demonstration in entry/re-entry between Europe, Japan and the USA and
§  Defining the “user requirements” for the demonstrators to be studied in the next step.
Step 2“WP2 - Demonstrator concepts – Technical appraisal and cost” aims at:
§  Assessing the feasibility and the cost of the possible ground and flight/ISS demonstrator candidates that meet the “user requirements” and are relevant for other enabling technologies, and
§  Selecting the most promising ground and flight/ISS candidates for the next step.
Step 3“WP3 - Demonstrator projects - implementation the project implementation” step aims at:
§  assessing the implementation as projects (governance, funding, international cooperation scheme) of the selected candidates and
§  selecting the 2 most promising projects and defining an implementation roadmap
A fourth Work Package “WP4 - Management and Dissemination” is a transversal task over the total duration of the project.


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