Technologies Opportunities Demonstrators Research

The technical objectives of the project address the aims and are grouped in 6 categories as follows:
  1.        To form a cluster of European and international stakeholders to study several technology demonstrator projects
  2.     To foster international cooperation on technology demonstrators for entry/re-entry with countries active in space exploration
  3.        To define with the partners 2 technology demonstrator projects:
    a.       Aimed at developing advanced entry/re-entry technologies
    b.      Suitable for other enabling technologies
    c.       Relevant for Europe, the USA and/or Japan
  4.       To contribute to a European position for ISEF through:
    a.       The definition of international projects with a key role for Europe
    b.       The promotion of European entry/re-entry technologies
  5.    To foster international cooperation, team work and dissemination through international workshops
  6.     To disseminate the results and prepare the implementation of the selected projects especially through ISECG and H2020


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